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Atlanta’s most affordable residential carpet cleaners.

Not every residentail carpet cleaning Atlanta is the same, there are many companies which promise great, high quality, top of the line residential carpet cleaning services at a low price, however when it comes down to delivering what they have promised, they fall extremely short and you do not always get what you thought you were paying for.

Tips to Find a Qualified Carpet Cleaning Professional in Atlanta GA

The tips offered in this article will help you to find the best, most experienced and professional company specializing in residentail carpet cleaning Atlanta, the company that will provide you with the most value for your hard earned dollar.

1. Industry Training and Proper Certifications

When searching for a qualified residentail carpet cleaning Atlanta, it is important to inquire about the kind of professional training that the technicians in the company have received. A professional and qualified residential carpet cleaning company should only employ technicians who are certified with the Carpet Cleaning Technician certification.

This certification is provided by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification which is the most well-known and common training school for those going into the industry of cleaning and restoration. There are other certifications to look for as well such as; Rug Cleaning Technician, Water Damage Restoration Technician, Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician and of course the Carpet Repair and Reinstallation Technician.

2. Experience in Residential Carpet Cleaning and Positive Reviews

Not only does education provide knowledge, experience is actually one of the best teachers. Inquire as to how long the residential carpet cleaning company which you are considering hiring in Atlanta has actually been in business. Thanks to the internet, there are countless social media sites that you can check out as well, search engines and sites such as Angie’s List offer great customers reviews and feedback.

Great Way To Find a Residential Carpet Cleaner in Atlanta

Another great way to go about this is inquiring with family, friends and neighbors in the area about residential carpet cleaning companies that they may have employed in the past for their carpet and upholstery cleaning, what was their experience with the company? Would they recommend working with them as well?

Keep in mind that there is no way to ever please everyone, in other words one or two negative review does not mean that the company in questions should not be worked with, if however there are quite a few poor reviews then you may want to reconsider. If you aren’t able to find information online, go ahead and ask the company for references of people who they have actually worked with in the past.

3. License in Carpet Cleaning and Covered by Insurance

There are many small residential carpet cleaning companies that open up only to quickly be shut down. This can be quite a problem as many do not even get their licenses before they open so it is important to inquire whether or not the residential carpet cleaning company you are considering doing business with is licensed in the state that you live in. This is also something which can be verified online, there are local government websites that will provide this information.

You can also use the Angie´s List License Check tool to see exactly which licensure is required by a company in your specific area. A residential carpet cleaning company should also have liability and/or workmans´compensation insurance that is in relation to the services they are providing. Another helpful tip is to inquire with the company as to whether or not they run background checks on their employees prior to hiring them, remember it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

4. The Price For Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

This is a tricky one, of course you do not want to overpay for the carpet cleaners Atlanta services you are in need of, however, if the price sounds too good to be true, chances are that it really is. Yes you do get what you pay for, however the price should not be the reason why you choose a specific residential carpet cleaning company. Make sure that you compare prices between a few reputable companies and always read the fine print on any specials that are being advertised.

5. What Carpet Cleaning Method Do You Follow?

There are five main principles of Atlanta carpet cleaning as defined by the IICRC and they are:

Removal of Dry Soil — The dry soils can be removed from the carpet fibers with some thorough vacuuming.

Soil Suspension — This is when the correct ore-treatment agent is applied to help loosen the soils in the carpet.. Soil suspension has four characteristics; the application of the chemicals, the use of temperature or heat to make the chemical reactions happen faster, agitation of the carpet fibers which helps the chemicals to be properly distributed and the dwelling time that allows the chemical reaction to be completed.

Soil Extraction — The hot water extraction method, which is commonly referred to as steam cleaning, is the most commonly used method to remove soil from a carpet.

Grooming — When a carpet is groomed, not only are the cleaning agents distributed but you also eliminate matting.

Drying — If the temperature and humidity conditions are normal, it will usually take no longer than twenty four hours for a carpet to dry. If air movers or ceiling fans are used o if the conditions are right, such as opening the windows so the outdoor environment can help out, the process could be even faster. Ideally a carpets should dry in six to eight hours.

When looking for a professional and qualified residential carpet cleaning company in Atlanta, these are the five most important thing to look into.

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